Engine cooling under realistic conditions

Commercial vehicle test in our MAHLE cooling wind tunnel

Travel speeds of up to 250 km/h

Very high continuous speeds can be achieved in our cooling wind tunnel at temperatures of up to 50°C and the overall “engine cooling” system can be tested under realistic conditions. Unlike the climatic wind tunnel, the incident flow of the slip stream onto the cooling module of a vehicle is measured here, from passenger cars to heavy commercial vehicles.

Today, travel speeds of up to 250 km/h for passenger cars and up to 100 km/h for commercial vehicles can be simulated, allowing extremely realistic cooling capacity measurements to be taken.

With its new blower, an incident flow surface of over 6 square meters can be achieved for commercial vehicles. With the new system, the airflow from 13.3 square meters is applied to the desired cross section via a nozzle. The flow profiles can be significantly more uniform, particularly for large commercial vehicles, making the measurements even closer to reality.

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