Quality management at MAHLE

Going beyond standards—quality made by MAHLE

"Good quality is of crucial importance. There is always room for improvement!"

This position of company founder Ernst Mahle still serves as a model for us today.

For our customers, quality means failure-free assembly, satisfied end customers, no product recalls—and thus a strong brand. For MAHLE, quality is a significant factor in our global success. Quality management is fully integrated into all business processes. We have developed an in-house Group standard for quality planning and controlling.

The MAHLE Quality Improvement Program

Our aim is to supply our customers with “best-in-class” quality. For this reason, we launched the group-wide MAHLE Quality Improvement Program during the year under review. The program aims to further improve the traceability of causes of defects and thereby increase the effectiveness of both specific solutions and quality assurance overall. This also includes supplier quality.

> 70quality awards from customers in 2017

Zero-defect principle

Potential defect sources are already eliminated during product development.

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