We are committed to supporting people and environment

Education is the key to social advancement. That’s why we are sponsoring specific educational projects such as “Formare” in Brazil.

As a company that operates internationally, we bear social responsibility.

Our innovations, resource-efficient technologies, and modern production processes are helping to steadily reduce the pressure on people and the environment. We are working in all areas of the group to make further improvements in this respect.

As a stakeholder in society, we are assuming greater social responsibility. Beneficent projects, donation collections, and charitable actions are often initiated locally—supported by the voluntary engagement of our employees. Taking on responsibility for the common good as a “friendly neighbor” is an integral characteristic of the MAHLE culture.

Examples of our global commitment:


South Africa: Focus on iThemba

For several years, MAHLE has been involved in the project “Focus on iThemba” (“iThemba” means “hope” in Zulu) in South Africa, which promotes the schooling and further education of orphans. The focus here is not just on financial support. The young people are offered real prospects, and some are subsequently taken on as MAHLE employees.
China: The Sprout Program

China: The Sprout Program

In conjunction with the Fengxian Qingxi Middle School in Shanghai, MAHLE launched the Sprout Program that focuses on teaching practical knowledge. MAHLE employees give talks at the school, offer hands-on experience, and organize exciting competitions for the pupils.

Brazil: Help to self-help

Brazil: Help to self-help

MAHLE is supporting the “Vergel” agricultural community near the Mogi Gua?u location in Brazil, where around 100 small farmers are operating a cooperative. They are now even supplying our canteen in Mogi Gua?u with organically grown produce.

India: Solidarity with the weak

India: Solidarity with the weak

MAHLE employees provide volunteer services in children's and nursing homes and help international aid organizations with blood and stem cell donations like in India, where employees regularly donate blood to the Sassoon Hospital at Pune.

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